Amanda Bynes’ Parents Fully Support Her Decision To End Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes is finally seeking her freedom after being in her conservatorship for nearly nine years now – but how do her parents feel about the legal move? Well, their reaction may or may not surprise you!

In case you did not know, the 35-year-old actress was placed under the conservatorship by her mom, Lynn Bynes, in 2013 after dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, including bipolar disorder. However, the Nickelodeon alum seemingly has been doing better, even graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles in 2019 and getting engaged to Paul Michael a year later. She is doing so well, in fact, that despite a judge ruling to extend her conservatorship until 2023, she decided to finally terminate it. Amazing news!

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As we previously reported, the Easy A star filed court documents earlier this week to put an end to her conservatorship. She also submitted a capacity declaration since California requires conservatorship cases to have updated records about their mental state from the conservatee’s physician, psychologist, or religious healing practitioner. And according to TMZ, it turns out her parents are all for the decision! Her attorney David A. Esquibias told the outlet on Saturday that despite the legal arrangement, Bynes has maintained a “great, loving relationship” with both of her parents and that they have always been “on the same page.”

The lawyer also noted that she has been working hard alongside her mom and dad over the past two years to make progress in coping with her mental health, so that they could work towards their mutual goal of one day ending the conservatorship. According to TMZ, sources close to Bynes claimed they thought the legal arrangement would remain in place throughout her entire life since she was not able to take care of herself or others. Now things are looking up!

Her decision came right on the heels of Britney Spears‘conservatorship victory last year. Of course, many people took notice of the coincidence and wondered if Bynes was potentially influenced by the singer. However, The Amanda Show alum’s lawyer also claimed to TMZ that big change was not inspired by Britney, noting that the process had been ongoing for years before the #FreeBritney movement. In fact, he said that Bynes has “never even mentioned” the singer’s legal proceedings during this process.

It really sounds like Amanda is in a great place right now, and we could not be happier for her! Reactions to the update in her situation? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Amanda Bynes/Instagram]

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