Are Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews married? What to know about the wedding date in 2022 with a future wife

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best known NFL quarterbacks right now. And his relationship with Brittany Matthews is also one of the most popular NFL relationships right now.

Matthews can be seen at almost every Chiefs match, either from the sidelines or from a suite. Although she can sometimes be the subject of controversial headlines, she continues to support her longtime boyfriend / fiancé / future husband.

Here’s what you need to know about Mahomes and Matthews’ wedding, along with a brief summary of their nearly 10-year relationship.

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Are Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews married?

The couple has yet to commit. Mahomes proposed to Matthews back in September 2020. But since then, they have had their daughter Sterling Mahomes, Mahomes appeared for the second time in the Super Bowl, and the COVID-19 pandemic most likely affected their wedding planning a bit.

But the couple has hinted that 2022 will be the year of their wedding. With Mahomes’ season still underway with the Chiefs, the wedding will most likely take place between the NFL seasons.

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When is Patrick Mahomes’ wedding?

Mahomes and Matthews have not officially announced their wedding date to the public, though they have sent some hints about when the big day may be.

The wedding will definitely be in 2022, after Matthews shared an Instagram photo from the New Year with the headline “2022, the year I’m getting married to you.”

The couple hosted a bridal party in late 2021 and gifted their bridal party with Cartier bracelets and Rolex watches. According to KMBC in Kansas City, Mahomes left a note about the gift that read “The time has come to help me with the task. Be my fiancé for the wedding weekend with the help of this flask! Drink up and let me remind you, in March put your Rolex for island time. ” So there is a lot of speculation that the wedding will take place in March 2022.

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How long have Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews been together?

The couple started dating back in 2013 when Mahomes was a second in high school and Matthews was a junior. The couple’s first picture together is at their ball that year.

They dated the rest of the high school and then went to separate high schools. Mahomes went to Texas Tech, while Matthews went to the University of Texas-Tyler. Although they both went to school in Texas, the drive is about six to seven hours. But the couple made it work.

Matthews moved to Kansas City when Mahomes signed with the Chiefs in 2017.

The couple became engaged in September 2020 and announced shortly after Matthews was pregnant with their first child.

How many children do Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have?

The couple has a child together – Sterling Skye Mahomes. She was born shortly after Mahomes’ second Super Bowl appearance last year on February 20, 2021.

The couple also share two dogs together. In keeping with the metal name theme and the names beginning with the “S” theme, their dogs are named Steel and Silver.

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