“Between the lines he was trying to diminish Jordan… Let’s not underestimate the skill of Michael Jordan by himself”

LeBron James sent out a tweet agreeing with Tracy McGrady’s point that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are the most skilled duo in league history. TV personality Skip Bayless saw this as James attempting to diminish Jordan’s greatness.

On the latest episode of “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” Bayless claimed that Jordan is more skilled than Durant and Irving combined. He said:

“Where LeBron lost me a little bit, I just felt like between the lines he was trying to diminish Jordan, just a little bit, by throwing in Jordan and (Scottie) Pippen, like no lie told there. Let’s not underestimate the skill of Michael Jordan by himself. “

Skip Bayless named potential players you could compare Jordan with, but concluded that their skill level is nowhere close to Jordan’s. Bayless stated:

“Michael is like on a pedestal above all these guys. All these guys are gifted mortals, and he’s otherworldly Jordan, like in a different universe, and I’m just doing skill. I’m not even doing will.”

Skill in basketball can have different interpretations. Irving and Durant are two of the most skilled players on the offensive end. However, it takes a different type of skill to dominate defensively.

Michael Jordan was a far better defender than either of the Brooklyn Nets’ dynamic duo.

The Nets are currently locked in a seven-game series with the Boston Celtics. It remains to be seen if their offensive prowess can carry them through to the next round.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan will go down as two of the game’s greatest players

LeBron James No.  6 of the Los Angeles Lakers sits on the bench.
LeBron James No. 6 of the Los Angeles Lakers sits on the bench.

Arguably no one else has matched the all-round games of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. They changed the game of basketball in their respective eras.

The debate will undoubtedly continue as fans look to crown one player as the undisputed GOAT. However, with no clear parameters, it will always be a case of preference.

Jordan’s love for the game was unmatched. His determination helped him achieve a perfect run in the finals (6-0), as well as ten scoring titles.

James was gearing up to make history by becoming the oldest player to win a scoring title. However, he believed it was unnecessary to chase the scoring title when his team had no chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

Only .03 PPG separate LeBron James and Joel Embiid for the scoring title 👀 Over the last 50 years, the closest scoring title race was between George Gervin and David Thompson in 1977-78 (.07 PPG). https://t.co/oYlipmmS3S

The LA Lakers finished 11th in the Western Conference standings with a 33-49 record. Injuries also played a significant role in their disappointing campaign.

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