Up to 100 people killed each day fighting in eastern Ukraine, Zelensky says

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during his nightly address, on Sunday. (Youtube / Office of President of Ukraine) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a “historic” joint customs control with Poland on Sunday, stressing “unity of Ukrainians and Poles is a constant that no one will break.” “A solution has been reached that is revolutionizing the … Read more

How a French Bank Captured Haiti

Yet Another Loan The second half of the 19th century should have offered Haiti an enormous opportunity. Global demand for coffee was high, and Haiti’s economy was built around it. Across the Caribbean Sea, Costa Ricans were putting their coffee wealth to work building schools, sewage systems and the first municipal electrified lighting system in … Read more

Opinion | Putin Rules Russia Like an Asylum

A psychiatric institution is not just full of patients. There are attendants, too. In Mr. Putin’s Russia, these roles are performed by government, defense and law enforcement officials, propaganda workers and wealthy businesspeople, all carefully controlled by security officials. Members of this cohort, sifted and filtered by the Kremlin, consider themselves the masters of the … Read more

A Texas woman is wanted for the alleged murder of an elite cyclist who had a relationship with her boyfriend, authorities say

CNN – Authorities are searching for a Texas woman accused of murder an elite cyclist who had allegedly dated her boyfriend. Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, 34, is wanted on a murder charge in relation to the May 11 shooting that killed professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, 25. Wilson, who lived in San Francisco, was in Austin … Read more

Cosplay like you’ve never seen before

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN In Thurstan Redding’s photography series “Kids of Cosplay,” the mundane and the fantastical collide in unexpected ways. Spiderman stares pensively into the middle distance as he grabs milk from a fridge. A group of Batmen cavort outside a small brick bungalow. X-men’s Mystique lays across the street beneath an orange … Read more

Ukraine Live Updates: Zelensky To Speak to Business Elite as War Casts Shadow

TOKYO – President Biden indicated on Monday that he would use military force to defend Taiwan if it were ever attacked by China, dispensing with the “strategic ambiguity” traditionally favored by American presidents and repeating even more unequivocally statements that his staff tried to walk back in the past. At a news conference with Prime … Read more