Now your business can deploy virtual Mac desktops in the cloud

MacStadium recently unveiled a virtual Mac desktop cloud solution, and because it’s a unique option, I wanted to find out more about the company’s thinking. So I reached out to MacStadium‘s Senior Vice President and CTO, Chris Chapman, to learn more about the company’s thinking and strategy. MacStadium introduces Orka Workspace First, a little about … Read more

Microsoft is rolling out a fix for Outlook crashing after launch

Microsoft is finally rolling out a fix for an issue known since August and causing Outlook for Microsoft 365 to freeze and crash right after it’s opened. “When you start Outlook Desktop, it gets past loading profile and processing, briefly opens, and then stops responding,” Microsoft explains. “This issue occurs when the EmailAddress string data … Read more

How to manage iMessage storage in iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

Article Hero Image Disclosure: If you buy through our links, we may earn commission as an affiliate & Amazon Associate. Clear up additional space on your iPhone and iCloud by managing your iMessage storage. If you find that you’re routinely exhausting iCloud storage because of Messages, there are a couple of ways you … Read more

Some RTX 4090 graphics cards recommend a beefier PSU than Nvidia’s guidance

In a nutshell: Nvidia has already clarified its power supply recommendations for new RTX 40-series graphics cards, but some add-in board (AIB) partners have issued their own guidance that is much higher than Nvidia’s. Tom’s Hardware recently inspected the recommended wattage requirements for various AIB partners and found a range of suggestions. Several cards including … Read more

How some US-based companies are turning deceased humans into compost – Technology News, Firstpost

Mehul Reuben DasOct 07, 2022 19:55:32 IST Funerals are never an easy subject to deal with, especially when you’re dealing with the death of a loved one. A couple of funeral homes in the United States of America though have come up with a whole new way of dealing with deceased humans – by turning … Read more

Amazon’s Delivery Robot Is Hanging Up Its Wheels

Ian Dewar Photography / The six-wheeled delivery robot Scout has bumped into its last obstacle on a sidewalk and is being gradually retired by Amazon. Future delivery drones may descend from the air so they don’t get stuck on pesky tree roots. Amazon began testing the robot in 2019 in Washington state, before expanding … Read more

Can an artist sue over a virtual tattoo? It’s complicated

Tattoos are an integral part of many athletes’ images, from singular designs like Mike Tyson’s face tattoo to Kenyon Martin’s or David Beckham’s extensive collections. But as those images get translated into video game form, some artists aren’t happy. Over the past several years, the creators of two major sports titles have fought protracted lawsuits … Read more