How to get Forging License and Upgrade Tools in Rune Factory 5

Nintendo Switch’s role-playing simulation, Rune Factory 5, has grown immensely popular amongst users since its worldwide launch just a couple of days ago.

While the title was initially released in May 2022 in Japan, it was not until March 2022 that players outside the region were allowed access. While the game has a fascinating aspect of adventure and exploration, it’s the farming life simulation that players are falling in love with.

Like any other farming sim out there, Rune Factory 5 allows adventurers to upgrade their farming tools and increase their crop yield. However, upgrading a user’s farming tool is not easy in the game, and many newbies have been struggling with just how they can go about it.

Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help those out who are still struggling with one of the core mechanics of the game.

Upgrading Farming Tools in Rune Factory 5

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To successfully upgrade their farming tools in Rune Factory 5, there are a few things players will need to have:

1) Have the Forging License

Getting their hands on the Forging License is the first step that gamers will need to take to upgrade farming tools in the game. However, to get the license, adventurers will need to answer three questions correctly will be asked by Eliza.

The questions are rather rudimentary, and players should not have trouble selecting the correct options for the answer.

But for those whole are still wondering, the questions are listed below along with their corresponding answers:

Question 1: What do you need for Smithing?

Question 2: Where can you forge items?

Question 3: When you have a recipe for a weapon you already own…

  • A: You need less RP to make it.

After answering all three questions correctly, users will automatically get their hands on the Forging License.

2) Purchase a forge

Even after getting the license, gamers will not immediately be able to start upgrading their farming tools. The next step after receiving the license would be to visit Palmo and purchase a forge for use.

3) Get materials and recipes to upgrade

After purchasing the Forge, Rune Factory 5 users will need the recipes and materials for specific upgrades.

Recipes in the game can be learned by eating recipe bread, and while players will be able to upgrade farming tools without a recipe, it will, however, take more RP and is not the recommended method to opt for.

Apart from recipes, materials will also be required, and adventurers will need to start farming all the ores and resources they come when going on quests or clearing out nearby dungeons.

4) Increasing Forge skill and being able to make better upgrades

Additionally, players will also get to improve on their upgrades and unlock new ones once their forge skill rises. This is something that happens over time and as they invest in making more items. Crafting is something that one must do one step at a time.

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