How to unlock the hidden Genshin Impact quest in Inazuma

Storytelling Method is a hidden quest in Genshin Impact that requires the player to complete some Commissions in a specific way. It’s not intuitive by any stretch of the imagination, but here’s what Travelers should know:

  • They must complete two specific Commissions: This Novel … Seems Familiar? and This Novel Seems … Problematic?
  • Both Commissions require the player to complete Is This Novel Amazing?
  • Storytelling Method is a quest that takes place almost entirely in a fictional domain

One thing that Genshin Impact players will notice is that this hidden quest requires several Commissions. That’s not even getting to how “Is This Novel Amazing?” has to be completed at least twice with different answers.

How to unlock the Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact

This hidden quest plays out to Junkichi & # 039; s fantasy (Image via miHoYo)
This hidden quest plays out to Junkichi’s fantasy (Image via miHoYo)

First, Genshin Impact players must complete the “Is This Novel Amazing?” Commission to unlock the following two Commissions.

Once a player obtains “Is This Novel Amazing ?,” they should continue the Commission up until Junkicihi asks this question:

“Traveler, who do you think is right, me or Shigeru?”

There will be two options that will lead the player to two different Commissions in the future:

  • Actually, Junkichi’s idea is not bad … -> This Novel Seems … Problematic?
  • Actually, Shigeru sounds more reasonable … -> This Novel … Seems Familiar?

These Commissions will not immediately become available. Instead, the player must wait a day or two before attempting them.

Keep in mind that you will have to do “Is This Novel Amazing?” at least twice to get both Commissions.

This Novel Seems … Problematic?

Thankfully, there aren’t any gimmicks in this Commission that could impede a player’s ability to unlock the Storytelling Method hidden quest. This one just involves the player talking to various NPCs before returning to Shigeru.

This Novel … Seems Familiar?

This Commission is also relatively simple, but there is one part that Genshin Impact players must understand.

There will come a point where players will have to submit one of three books. They must submit Literature Club first. It’s a short Commission, so players will not have to do too much to complete it.

Completing both “This Novel … Seems Familiar?” and “This Novel Seems … Problematic?” will unlock the Storytelling Method hidden quest.

Storytelling Method

This World Quest can be started by talking to Junkichi, who will be near his usual spot in Inazuma City. It essentially requires the player to clear a domain based on Junkichi’s ideas.

The rewards are:

  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 6 Hero’s Wits
  • The “Well, At Least It Ended” achievement (5 Primogems)

Prioritizing Inazuman Commissions in Genshin Impact

An example of how it works in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
An example of how it works in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Players can do the following to increase their chances of getting the right Commissions:

  1. Go to the Adventurer Handbook (either by selecting it on the game UI or through the Paimon Menu).
  2. Go to “Commissions.”
  3. Change the “Choose preferred region in which to do Commission Quests” to “Inazuma.”

It will not guarantee that you will get the right Commissions, but it dramatically increases the odds of it being “Is This Novel Amazing?” and its sequels.

Remember, you have to complete several specific Inazuman Commissions to unlock Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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