“I love racing” – Fernando Alonso to continue in F1 as long as he feels ‘better than the others’

Fernando Alonso believes he will continue to race until he feels he is better than the others. The Spanish driver mentioned that the day he feels he is underperforming is the day he might retire.

Upon being asked about his motivation to race despite his poor luck, Alonso responded to Motorsport Network by saying:

“Because I feel better than the others. When someone comes and I see that [they are] beating me on pure abilities, I see that I’m not good anymore at the starts, I’m not good in preparing the car, or the other side of the garage is one second faster than me and I can not match those times, maybe I’ll raise my hand and say: ‘You know, this is time for me you know to think about something else.’ But at the moment, I feel the opposite. I love racing. ”

Fernando Alonso: Another time out of our control… the car seems very fast and it is unbelievable we have only 2 points in the Drivers Championship, because I think it is a little bit unfair at the moment https://t.co/VPd3nnsamS

Fernando Alonso believes he is still quicker than the rest of the grid and feels better than them. The Spaniard feels the day he is one-upped by his teammate is the day he might consider quitting the sport. For now, however, he feels he is one of the best drivers on the field and will carry on racing.

The 40-year-old has had some poor luck so far this season and was taken out by Haas’ Mick Schumacher in the last race. He has, however, hinted that he will continue to race for a few more years, despite his contract nearing renewal at the end of the 2022 season.

Fernando Alonso believes Lewis Hamilton’s car is the reason for his successes and failures

The Spaniard feels that Lewis Hamilton dominated with a competitive car, without which he could not have done so. Suggesting that the car has been a huge factor in the seven-time world champion’s success and failures, Fernando Alonso termed it as the nature of F1.

Speaking to RacingNews365the two-time F1 champion said:

“It’s Formula 1. It has been like this always. When [Ayrton] Senna won the championships and the races, he had the fastest car. When I won the championship, I had the fastest car. Michael [Schumacher] had the fastest car. Lewis [Hamilton] broke all the records and pole positions because he had the fastest car. Today, Lewis is driving super well and he’s P13. It’s Formula 1. ”

Fernando Alonso on Lewis Hamilton’s 2022: “This is F1 … When Senna won titles, he had the fastest car. When I won two titles, I had the fastest car … Now he may be able to race very well, but he will cross the line in P13. That’s just how it goes “.

Since Fernando Alonso is in a more competitive car than his former McLaren teammate, the Spaniard is likely to outperform the Briton this season. Their last wheel-to-wheel battle in the Hungarian GP was one of the highlights of the 2021 season, where the double world champion blocked the Mercedes champion for 16 laps. The 2022 season could see more such battles between the two in the midfield, unless either manages to make their way back to the front of the field.

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