Jake Paul Vs. Michael Bisping will not happen, claims John McCarthy

John McCarthy has chimed in on YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul lobbying for a professional boxing match against MMA legend Michael Bisping.

The former MMA referee believes that a potential Paul-Bisping fight is unlikely to materialize. In an edition of the Weighing In Podcast, McCarthy and co-host Josh Thomson seemingly agreed that most athletic commissions would not grant Bisping the medical clearance required to compete in a professional boxing match against Paul.

Bisping suffered a retinal detachment in his right eye courtesy of a head kick in his technical knockout loss to Vitor Belfort in 2013. ‘The Count’ eventually ended up losing vision in his right eye. Bisping concealed his loss of vision from the athletic commissions that licensed him to fight, and he competed in MMA till 2017.

😂👀 yeah yeah, listen One eye, two eyes. I won a world championship and more importantly the respect of the fight community. Sadly little jakey, that’s 2 things you’ll NEVER do. Ever. Let that sink in. twitter.com/jakepaul/statu…

However, after retiring from MMA, Bisping revealed his secret, highlighting that he’d been fighting with one eye. Additionally, he also had two knee replacement surgeries. John McCarthy alluded to these facts and stated:

“First off, Mike [Michael Bisping] can not get the fight. I’m just being honest. He can not get the fight because he can not get; commissions are not going to approve him, now that they know. ”

“I want you to think about this. Michael Bisping, since he’s retired, has shown everyone that he only got one eye that he can see out of. He can only see shapes out of his other one. He’s got two knee replacement surgeries. He’s got two fake knees. Okay? This is not someone they’re going to license to fight against Jake Paul. ”

Watch John McCarthy address a possible Jake Paul vs. Michael Bisping fight in the video below:

Jake Paul expresses his support for Tommy Fury whilst simultaneously jibing at the UK boxing prospect

One of the frontrunners to face Jake Paul when he returns to the boxing ring is Tommy Fury. Paul was scheduled to fight ‘TNT’ last December. Nevertheless, the fight fell apart after Fury withdrew due to a rib injury and chest infection.

Fury is scheduled to fight Daniel Bocianski on April 23, but he’s vowed to eventually fight and beat longtime rival Paul as well. Speaking to Mirror Fighting earlier this month, Paul lent his support to Fury, albeit not without criticizing the UK fighter’s promotional abilities:

“I’m rooting for him. Best of luck to him, hopefully he can get a big KO and do something that would make more excitement for a fight between us. He s ** ks at promoting, his brother did all the promotion, his dad did all the promotion for the last fight so, he got to do something to get back on my radar. “

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