Justin Timberlake Did Not React Well To Being Asked About Britney Spears Pregnancy!

Justin Timberlake does not want anything to do with Britney Spears news these days!

As you probably heard, Britney is pregnant again after finally getting off the conservatorship-mandated birth control she was forced to take for years. Naturally, everyone is curious what her exes (and estranged family members) have to say about the news.

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But when a paparazzo spotted JT and asked what he thought of his most famous ex-girlfriend having another child, he was NOT having it! He blasted back at the photographer, cutting her off before she even finished her question, yelling:

“Stop! Go away. ”

Seems like Justin was fine talking about Britney when it was making him look good, but now that fans aren’t too happy with how he treated her, he can not even offer a cordial congrats? Yeesh.

You can see the salty interaction HERE.

What do YOU ​​think about JT’s response ??

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/WENN/Britney Spears/Instagram.]