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The May 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta opened with Marlo Hampton going over plans for her new house. And because Kenya Moore spirit Sheree Whitfield have gone through the same process before, Marlo invited them to check out the blueprints and give her some feedback. Kenya thought it was obnoxious that Marlo wanted closets bigger than her bedrooms, but Marlo did not agree. So after they got through that disagreement, Sheree revealed that her boyfriend, Tyronemight meet up with them when they all go to New York City together.

Kandi Burruss invited everyone to the Big Apple to see her Broadway show, Thoughts Of A Colored Man. She even invited the husbands because she felt as though the ladies behave better when the guys are around. Todd Tucker also thought it’d be a good idea to show everyone his “Jersey crib”, but Kandi wasn’t thrilled about it. She’s still upset that Todd even owns the apartment. It’s a place he once shared with his ex, so she does not want anything to do with it, but he thinks it’d be a good idea to renovate it and have it as a place to stay when they go to NYC.

Before the cast headed up north, however, Drew Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman had a marriage counseling session at their house, and it did not go very well. The counselor told them that they attack each other too often, so he suggested they take part in a 30-day challenge. The counselor said that neither one of them can argue with, disrespect or yell at each other, and if one person fails, a reward is given to the other, either through sexual favors or whatever that person wants.

Anyway, after the counseling session, everyone got together and made their way to NYC. The cast loved Todd’s NJ apartment, but Kandi still had a hard time leaning into the idea of ​​co-owning a place that Todd once shared with his ex. The ladies told Kandi, however, that her life with Todd is often all about her, and she needs to let some things be about his life and the past he lived. But she said Todd still acts like a college student and often parties with his buddies – without her – when they’re in NYC. Kandi admitted that sometimes she worries about Todd cheating on her, and Sheree suspected that might be the case. Especially since five years ago, Porsha Williams claimed that Todd hooks up with women behind Kandi’s back and tells these mystery women that his name is Marvin.

Following the apartment reveal, the cast went out to dinner at a nice Cuban restaurant, where everyone critiqued Drew and Ralph’s marriage. No one thought that they’d succeed with their 30-day challenge, and Kenya told Ralph that he reminds her of her ex, Marc Daly. Kenya told Ralph that he’s extremely disrespectful to Drew, but everyone also told Drew that she likes to bring up old issues, so they can see why he gets upset with her. Basically, they all know that Drew and Ralph have major issues. And Sheree just made things so much worse when she told Ralph that Drew’s assistant claimed he’s gay.

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