Keith Lee claims WWE did not like how he spoke

Former WWE Superstar Keith Lee has come out against his old employer regarding their attitude towards how he delivered his promos.

Keith Lee signed for WWE in 2018 and made a huge name for himself performing for the NXT brand. However, Lee was released from his contract in 2021, after a fairly subdued run on WWE’s main roster.

In a recent conversation with Hall of Famer Mark Henry on the Busted Open Radio show, The Bearcat spoke of how WWE possibly did not like the cadences in his voice as well as the manner in which he delivered his promos.

Listen, it’s something that Mark and I talked about years ago, maybe I think I was still in NXT at the time. He knows I am open to that. Especially since in that particular place, most people had an issue with the way that I speak and my demeanor in how I speak, and my cadence. ” Lee added; “I do not know what it is about. Maybe my voice or maybe its vocal tone, whatever it may be, was a bit of an issue there. ” H / T It Wrestling

Keith Lee certainly had a unique way of delivering his lines during his promos for WWE.

Mick Foley recently officiated Keith Lee and Mia Yim’s wedding

Since his WWE release, Lee has officially tied the knot with his long-term partner and fellow wrestler, Mia Yim.

The occasion was made even more special when it was revealed that hardcore legend Mick Foley officiated the wedding ceremony. Foley reached out to Lee and Yim in early 2021 to offer up his services as a wedding officiant.

After the wedding, the former NXT Champion took to Twitter to thank Foley for his role during the event.

A plethora of thanks @RealMickFoley. Shout should you ever require me.

Since leaving WWE, Lee has now signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling and will be wrestling at their next pay-per-view, Revolution. The AEW star will be featured in the ‘face of the revolution ladder match’.

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