Moroccan rescuers race to rescue a boy stuck in a well for four days

The child, identified only as Rayan, is stuck in the well, which reaches more than 30 meters underground in Chefchaouen province.

Machines dug vertically to a depth of more than 90 feet overnight, state media MAP reported Friday, while emergency workers now plan to begin digging horizontally.

“People who love us are making no effort to save my child,” Rayan’s father said as he stood watching rescue efforts Friday night, Reuters reported.

Live feeds on state-owned Al-Aoula TV said Friday afternoon that the graves still needed to cover 6.5 feet vertically and just under 10 feet horizontally to reach the boy.

The child fell into the well on Tuesday afternoon and was discovered after he was heard crying, his mother said in an interview with Al-Aoula two days later. She said he was playing in a nearby area before disappearing for a short time and that she was quick to call the authorities after hearing him.

Moroccan emergency teams are working on the rescue on February 5, 2022.
Rayan fell off the well shaft on February 1 in the remote village of Ighrane in the rural northern province of Chefchaouen.

His father told Al-Aoula that authorities sent food and water down the well and that he saw his son drinking some water.

“He moved and drank a little bit of water. I believe he will be okay, God help him,” he said.

Local media also reported that the child had taken food and water, which was dropped down on him using a rope on Thursday.

Authorities are using machines in the difficult operation because the diameter of the well is just over one and a half feet wide, Al-Aoula reported.

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The Arab hashtag #SaveRayan has gone viral across North Africa while the desperate mission continues.

A member of the rescue team told MAP that while the excavation work was going on, the rescue operation has reached a “complex stage” and the machinery has stopped from time to time as rescue workers “determine the necessary interventions to prevent the ground from collapsing.”

A medical helicopter from the Royal Gendarmerie and medical staff who are specialists in resuscitation from the Ministry of Health are on standby on the spot when the child is pulled out, MAP informs. Five bulldozers are on site and digging, the statement added.

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