NFL analyst positive Tom Brady and LeBron James will be forgotten

The careers of Tom Brady and LeBron James are destined to be forgotten once they retire, according to NFL analyst John Middlekauff.

With both athletes nearing the end of their respective careers (Brady retired before returning), we may never witness greatness like the pair again. However, Middlekauff stated on his 3 and Out podcast that neither athlete is bigger than the sports they play in.

He went on to say that the only athletes who were bigger than the sport they were involved in were Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Middlekauff stated:

“They have not had remarkable careers, and they have not printed money. As you know, members of their business, they’ve been huge parts of the cash generation. But neither is bigger than football or basketball.”

Middlekauff added:

“Tiger Woods is the one current athlete who is bigger than golf. And listen, I’m biased. I love golf. I watched way too much of the Valero Texas Open. But it’s not even close. You could combine the top 20 players right now in the world. And it’s loaded with high-end young talent. And all combined, they do not equal Tiger Woods. And it’s kind of cool. “

He continued:

“Like Michael Jordan, to me was the last athlete like this. Like Michael Jordan, in his heyday in the mid 90s, was bigger than the sport of basketball. And there has not been anyone in any sport since beside Tiger Woods who can make that claim. “

Tom Brady continues his storied career in 2022

Tom Brady first retired and then came out of retirement to play his 23rd season of NFL
Tom Brady first retired and then came out of retirement to play his 23rd season of NFL

When Tom Brady retired, there was a collective sigh of relief from the NFL community. The player that has dominated for so long was done. However, as we know, it only took around 40 days for Brady to come out of retirement for an unprecedented 23rd NFL season.

The Buccaneers still have the majority of their roster from their Super Bowl win back in 2020. There have been rumors swirling around that Julian Edelman could come out of retirement to join Brady and the Bucs.

With just about every record his own, Tom Brady is set to embark on a quest to win an incredible eighth Super Bowl ring. Will he be able to drag the Tampa to another triumph? Based on what we’ve seen throughout his career, you would not bet against the 44-year-old.

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