NFL fans react to news of Aaron Rodgers skipping brothers wedding

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers does not have the best relationship with his family. So much so that the reigning NFL MVP decided to skip his younger brother’s wedding.

Jordan tied the knot with Bachelorette partner JoJo Fletcher, but the Packers star was nowhere to be seen, despite getting an invitation.

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When news broke that Rodgers did not attend his younger brother’s wedding, many fans gave their thoughts on it. One person named Alex Johnson replied to a Tweet from Total Pro Sportssaying:

“People act like you are not allowed to have falling outs with family. S ** t happens. If someone wrongs me, I’m cutting them out my life whether they’re family or not.”

@TotalProSports @HoopMixOnly People act like your not allowed to have falling outs with family. Shit happens. If someone wrongs me I’m cutting them out my life whether they’re family or not.

Another user named Cory posted a GIF in reply that said: Spirit? The tweet was hinting that it was not a big deal for the Packers star to miss his brother’s wedding.

A fan named Duane said that a lot of people have no use for their family and that everyone should just move on.

@TotalProSports Why does anyone care? … A lot of people have no use for their family. Just move on

Somebody named Jake echoed the same thoughts and wrote that lots of people hate their family.

A Tweeter named Nicole said that the quarterback seems like an awful human for not going to his brother’s wedding.

@ AaronRodgers12 U seem like an awful human. Who does not go to their brother’s wedding.

One Twitter account posted a GIF that had Family Guy character Peter Griffin saying “Oh my god, who the hell cares.” It was another person holding the opinion that this whole issue is not newsworthy.

A fan named Beth said that she hopes Rodgers and his brother reconcile one day with the rest of his family.

@ESPNMilwaukee @DiscountLiqMilw @espnhomer @ AnalystTSmith34 Aaron Rodgers was not at the wedding. I hope he and Jordan reconcile one day as well as him with the rest of his family. There were reports the he and Jordan are talking a bit. That information was given to @people in late January at Aaron’s camp. Do not know if it’s true.

A user named Tina used an emoji to express an opinion on the issue.

So Aaron Rodgers DID get an invite to his brother’s wedding but did not go… 🤔🙊

Another user said that he wishes he knew what the problem between Aaron and Jordan was, and that missing the wedding when invited is huge.

@BSO I really wish I knew what the beef is, because missing your brother’s wedding, especially after they invite you is huge

Aaron Rodgers and Packers enter a season of change in 2022

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers will be doing something that he has not done since 2014 and that is entering an NFL season without superstar receiver Davante Adams. The receiver was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders during the offseason.

After another season in which the Packers were the NFC’s number one seed and had home-field advantage for the NFC Championship game, they lost.

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Now without Adams, many do not have the Packers in the conversation over potential Super Bowl winners. But with a quarterback like Rodgers, they are always in with a chance.

Will not having Adams impact the Packers offense like many think? We will wait with anticipation to know the answer.

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