Nmplol jokes about Sodapoppin post-Twitch ban

Internet personality Thomas Chance “Sodapoppin” Norris has once again been hit with a Twitch ban for breaking TOS, but it is still widely unknown as to why.

Variety streamer Nick “Nmplol” was recently clipped commenting on the aftermath of his friend’s ban. The One True King content creator expressed that even though Chance had not directly told him why he got banned from the livestreaming platform, the latter wore his feelings on his sleeve and essentially made it everyone else’s problem:

“I’ve heard a whole bunch of crying coming from his room. Loud, very emo music playing. I wanna ask him what he got banned for, how long he got banned for. He actually will not even tell me.”

Fans react to Nmplol’s comments about Sodapoppin’s ban

Many of Nick’s fans resonate with the fact that even though the variety streamer is pretty notorious for joshing around most of the time, it is not completely out of the ordinary for Chance to react in such a way towards being Twitch banned:

A lot of Chance’s supporters attributed the streamer’s act of crying and the overall sad atmosphere to him possibly spending his newfound free time on copious League of Legend matches gone wrong:

One fan made a light joke about Twitch:

Fans speculate on what Sodapoppin could have possibly been banned for

There is plenty of speculation in the community that Sodapoppin was banned for digital blackface. In a recent clip of the stream, the internet personality was caught saying the word “blackface” while customizing his in-game character in a way that perfectly characterizes, well, blackface.

Sodapoppin was banned on Twitch last night likely for drawing an in-game character with blackface https://t.co/mIHKwkRaFv

Chance was then detected trying to explain his actions in the comments on a now-deleted post in the popular subreddit r / LivestreamFail.

However, a viewer asserted that Chance knew exactly what he was doing at that moment:

@JakeSucky Yea imo he DEF knew what he was doin .. sayin “blackface” off top, then continuing to side eye his chat, then doubling down w / the red lips smfh

A few fans came to Chance’s defense, claiming that the entire incident was an accident and the digital blackface that came of it was unintentional:

Sodapoppin accidentally creating a blackface character is actually something he would accidentally do, he really is not the brightest. I doubt there was actually any racism he intended to create

Sodapoppin draws a blackface on a character creation screen and gets banned for racism. He showed no signs of being racist and accidentally made the character that way only then realizing what it looked like. That’s not racism, to be racism needs intentionally, provacation.

@ thebigone001 @_rileyhayes_ @nmplol @Sodapoppintv @Twitch I do not think I need to explain on this tweet especially all the reasons why sodapoppin is not racist. He realized it resembled blackface and joked about it, does not make him racist !! The world has enough real racism and I bet you not even one black person gave a shit about this

Others within Sodapoppin’s fanbase stood behind their streamer, supporting his actions completely and calling for Twitch to unban him from their platform. He is pretty well known for his “edgy” content, so it’s no surprise that his audience remains unfazed:

@JakeSucky I’m sorry but people who get offended from stuff like this should not be using the Internet.

This is not the first time Chance has been banned from Twitch for controversial content. In 2020, the streamer was banned for inappropriate content on his own live VRChat Twitch stream. He laughed it off in a satirical apology video at the time, but it does not seem like the potential reason for his current ban is quite as funny.

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