SAiiNT’s ‘FK ME UP’ Is A Visceral Debut About ‘Spiritual Evolution’ – Hollywood Life

Under a distorted, pastel-splattered haze comes the first song from SAiiNTthe new alt-pop identity from producer, songwriter, and music maestro Paul James Read. In “FK ME UP,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, SAiiNT delivers a track wrapped in pure sex, with all the viscosities and sensations seared into every note. “FK ME UP” is a dash of dark alt-pop euphoria, a down-bad bop about shedding your skin and embracing a new persona fit for this day and age. It is, as SAiiNT shares, a song that “deals with hearts breaking down and breaking open,” which is why the Rachel Wortell-directed video captures the breakdown of barriers between others and self.

“A song about spiritual evolution at the end of the world,” SAiiNT says their debut is to encourage those to “embrace life as a chaotic process. We are in a state of apocalypse and that’s fucked up, but it comes with the opportunity to evolve, as every end is a beginning. Running parallel is a love story – hearts break and break open. You aren’t ran through, you’re just burning out the ghosts. A girl comes up to you at a bar, and you say, ‘can I get you a drink,’ and she says, “just f-ck me up.”

(Sideara St Claire)

Based in New York City, SAiiNT cut his musical teeth on IDM and goth rock, blending the two influences together – with a health idolization of Prince – while playing in bands throughout the downtown art / fashion scene. A glance at Read’s Instagram will show elements of his aesthetic as he continues to find life and culture in a city that drab critics say is “dead forever.”

Sideara St Claire

After an electronic collaboration with members of METRIC, Paul James discovered the path of being a self-produced solo act. Thus, SAiiNT was born in the shadows and grime of a city waking up after a two-year slumber. With an undeniable attitude and charisma kissing every note, SAiNT’s music is poised to be the soundtrack to the end of days. Stay in the know like the cool creeps hanging out well past midnight, and follow SAiiNT for more releases further in 2022.

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