Sheertex Essential Sheer Tights Review

Well known on the internet as the brand that makes these super expensive, “unbreakable” tights, Sheertex tights are everything I have ever wanted and more when it comes to socks – the tights really live up to all the great demands.

As a daily pantyhose in the colder months, there is no closet I trust more than my pantyhose. But it’s not easy to say that for many people it’s just not realistic to pay $ 99 for tights.

So when Sheertex announced the launch of its most affordable tights to date, Essential Sheer Tights, I knew I had to try them on. At almost a third of the price of the brand’s best-selling Classic Sheer Tights, could they really be as good? Ahead, a deep dive into what’s missing and what’s even better at Sheertex’s latest launch – and why they’re my new everyday go-to tights.

If you’re wondering how Sheertex was able to create quality tights for a third of the price of its other products, you’re not alone. First, the brand opted for a more efficient, fully automated production process when it comes to Essential Sheer Tights. This is in contrast to the brand’s other products, such as Classic Sheer Tights, which are hand-sewn. Still, both techniques have Sheertex Knit Technology.

Sheertex Essential Sheer Tights

In addition, Sheertex removed the packaging for Essential Sheer Tights to further help reduce costs. And finally, the brand took a cut on its own margins in the hopes of making Sheertex tights more accessible and helping advance their mission of “making disposable tights accessible to all.”

There are a few other ways in which Essential Sheer Tights differs from other Sheertex offerings. They come with a 30-day warranty – a significantly shorter time frame than Sheertex’s other tights, which have a 90-day warranty. Essential Sheer Tights are currently only available in three sizes (small / medium, large / X-large and 2X-large / 3X-large), as opposed to Classic Sheer Tights’ seven sizes, which range from X-small to 3X-large . And while all of Sheertex’s other tights have a compressive and shaping performance waistband, Essential Sheer Tights have a basic waistband that is lighter.

When it comes to the undressed wrapping of the tights, I do not think I would have noticed it if I did not know I had to take care of it. Although it was simple, it did not seem noticeably cheap. I’m not a big packaging person, so in general I always advocate making the packaging cheaper and more environmentally friendly, especially if it is thrown away after opening the product.

At first glance, Essential Sheer Tights look and feel extremely much like the classic Sheer Tights. Without putting them on, it is quite difficult to see a difference just by looking at them, except for the waistband. The thickness of 30 denier seems the same, and so does the quality of the material. But once you put them on, the difference between the two is noticeable right away.

The first thing I thought while wearing the Essential Sheer Tights is that they are incredibly comfortable – far more so than my other Sheertex tights. I’m typically a size small in Sheertex tights, so I chose the small / medium size in Essential Sheer Tights. Although it places me at the smaller end of my size range, I think someone would find the basic waistband incredibly comfortable. It’s true that it may not give you the shape and support of the performance waistband, but more often than not I want to comfort myself rather than shape – especially when I just have to go into the office to sit at my desk for eight hours .

Sheertex Essential Sheer Tights

But it wasn’t just the waistband I found super comfortable. The overall fit and material of the Essential tights are ultra soft. Sheertex’s other tights are a bit on the thicker side, which is something that makes them so durable and non-tear-resistant. In the past, I have noticed that the thigh area on some of my Sheertex tights sits too tight and I have to keep pulling them up, not because they fall down at the waist, but because the material is not sufficient. stretch around the top of my legs. I have not experienced any of that with these tights.

That difference in comfort, of course, means sacrificing one big thing: the strength and durability of the material. I immediately noticed that the material would be more delicate than Classic Sheer Tights. I put the tights to the test with a range of household risks – rattan chairs (which caused some imperfections), cat claws (which also caused some imperfections) and some sharp jewelry (mixed results here between no to minor imperfections). I did not try to cut them with scissors, because I could feel that the material would not hold – which honestly did not bother me. In fact, I enjoyed that this more affordable tights from Sheertex brings something new to the brand’s collection, while still being more durable than your average tights in a landslide.

So which pair do you get if you want to try Sheertex for the first time? I would say it depends on what you are looking for. If you prefer a shapely, more supportive tights, then choose Classic Sheer Tights. It’s something unique to Sheertex’s performance waistband, and the lack of compression is perhaps one of the most notable differences between the two tights. Plus, if you want tights that absolutely will not tear – and you want an entire winter season to test that claim – it’s most likely still worth investing in the classic Sheer Tights.

But when it comes to really wonderful tights at a reasonable price (for $ 29, these cost about twice as much as my old disposable tights), Essential Sheer Tights brings something new, yet essential to Sheertex’s collection: comfort. These are the ones I want to go for when it comes to dressing for work, dinners where I plan to eat a lot, and any occasion that I know I want to be comfortable with. And they are a great option for less frequent tights. Since you are not going to wear them that often, it is probably not necessary to throw out with the absolute most durable option. Instead, you can save the $ 70 for a rainy day – or spend it on a new dress that fits perfectly with your new tights.

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