Matt Rhule walks into a buzzsaw at Nebraska

Matt RhulePhoto: Getty Images It’ll be interesting to see if the day ever comes when the hiring of a new coach at Nebraska is met with a cavalier attitude. “Well, shit, why not him?” is only uttered when the university names a men’s basketball coach. That’s why Matt Rhule is starting in a trailing position … Read more

The top 6 teams have a nerve-wracking path to the CFP — minus Georgia

There are many reasons to be envious of fans with teams in contention for the College Football Playoff, but the most relevant to this weekend is the mental and physical energy expended to get to the end of the regular season tightrope will be enough to work off those Turkey Day calories. While the rest … Read more

We were foolish to think any SEC game could steal the show from Alabama-LSU

Nick SabanPhoto: Getty Images While Saturday’s Georgia-Tennessee game was the biggest contest in the history of that matchup and the de facto headliner for Week 10, it was the SEC rivalry that has defined the conference for most of this century that once again stole the limelight. In his first time helming LSU against Alabama, … Read more

Not the year to rely on SEC bias for the College Football Playoff trip

Image: Getty Images College football fans would presume that a one-loss SEC team who doesn’t have to play in the conference title game would’ve lucked out as far as the College Football Playoff is concerned. Georgia made it last year with one loss, as did Alabama in 2017-18. The only one-loss SEC program not to … Read more

Auburn has to hire one of these 3 college football coaches

Who’s gonna be Auburn’s next head football coach?Image: Getty Images He was so ass and everyone knew it. Auburn’s head football coach Bryan Harsin was fired about nine months too late on Monday morning, the finale to a terrible second season coaching the jewel of The Plains. The Tigers’ biggest achievement in 2022 was surviving … Read more

It’s impossible to be completely miserable (or happy) during the sports equinox

So much for karmic justice.Image: Getty Images There are 17 gazillion things happening in sports right now, and as much as I’d like to update you on all the happenings of the opening weeks of the NBA and NHL, the World Series-deciding MLB rounds, College Football Playoff-ramification slates , and every NFL, EPL, MMA, boxing … Read more

Coaching HBCU football a stepping stone for Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is garnering plenty of attention, but what about other HBCU head coaches,Image: Getty Images The spotlight Deion Sanders has brought to historically black college football programs has been unparalleled. Interest is at an all-time high and Sanders has championed multiplying exposure for the talent at HBCU programs. Sanders was specifically referring to the … Read more

UCLA, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, TCU, Clemson

Image: Getty Images Expecting the college football gods to give us a second helping of last week’s madness is asking a lot. Four undefeated Top-10 schools fell, and three different crowds rushed the field, with the Vols starting a GoFundMe-type deal for their goalposts that were dumped into the Tennessee River. You don’t dare ask … Read more

Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Texas, Nebraska

Image: Getty Images Like a poorly thought-through movie-to-TV series, it appears the Marty McFly rankings are on life support. The actor I hired to play Michael J. Fox’s character is no Michael J. Fox, the de-aging for Christopher Lloyd is too expensive, and the DeLoreans keep breaking down. Never mind that these are the most … Read more

Hendon Hooker puts in work for Tennessee, UCLA remains unbeaten

Hendon HookerPhoto: Getty Images There wasn’t much surprising about the results from Saturday. Oklahoma continued its free fall, getting shut out by Texas, 49-0. Even though Jimbo Fisher gave Nick Saban a game in Bryce Young’s absence, the Crimson Tide pulled through. None of the top 10 lost despite Oklahoma State playing with its food … Read more