Long Covid costs patients an average of $9,000 a year in medical expenses

The Covid-19 unit at United Memorial Medical Center in north Houston. Carolyn Cole | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images Long Covid has affected as many as 23 million Americans to date — and it’s poised to have a financial impact rivaling or exceeding that of the Great Recession. By one estimate, the chronic illness … Read more

Florida QB Jalen Kitna was suspended by the university after child porn arrest

Florida’s redshirt freshman Jalen Kitna has been arrested on charges related to child pornography.Image: AP Jalen Kitna, the son of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna, was arrested on Wednesday on two counts of distribution of child exploitation material and three counts of possession of child pornography, according to the Alachua County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office. Per … Read more

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and that North Little Rock School photo

What is this, if not racism?Image: AP According to the policy, Jerry Jones hasn’t done anything wrong. That’s because anti-Blackness is never a crime. A recent report from The Washington Post shows Jones in a photograph from 1957 in Arkansas among a crowd of white students, “standing on the frontlines of one of Little Rock’s … Read more

Biden calls on Congress to head off potential rail strike

OMAHA, Neb. — President Joe Biden on Monday called on Congress to pass legislation to intervene and block a railroad strike before next month’s deadline in the stalled contract talks. Biden said a tentative agreement approved in September provided a pay raise for workers, health care benefits and a better leave policy. But talks have … Read more

How to fund home health care if you want to ‘age in place’

Halfpoint Images | Torque | Getty Images Some 70% of people want to age at home, yet only 10% have long-term care insurance, a recent HCG Secure/Arctos Foundation study found. Furthermore, about half of respondents had no idea how much in-home care would cost. With the median annual cost of a home health aide nationally … Read more

Here’s why married couples might want to sign a postnuptial agreement

Vitapix | E+ | Getty Images While couples might sign a prenuptial agreement before they’re married and a “post-nup” after, it’s more than just the timing that differentiates these arrangements, experts say. “It’s a whole different ballgame once you’re married,” said Martin Shenkman, estate attorney with Shenkman Law in New York City. “With a pre-nup, … Read more

Congress may make it easier to set money aside for emergency expenses

Thomas Barwick | Digital vision | Getty Images Many families struggle to come up with the cash when faced with an unexpected $400 expense. That lack of emergency savings may force them to borrow money at high interest rates to pay for the surprise expense, putting their financial security at risk. Now Congress has a … Read more

Witness: Walmart shooter seemed to target certain people

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The Walmart supervisor who shot and killed six co-workers in Virginia seemed to target people and fired at some victims after they were already hit and appeared to be dead, said a witness who was present when the shooting started. Jessica Wilczewski said workers were gathered in a large break room to … Read more

Elon Musk says Twitter is granting ‘amnesty’ to suspended accounts

Elon Musk’s Twitter account displayed on a mobile with Elon Musk in the background are seen in this illustration. In Brussels – Belgium on 19 November 2022. Jonathan Raa | Nurphoto | Getty Images New Twitter owner Elon Musk said Thursday that he is granting “amnesty” for suspended accounts, which online safety experts predict will … Read more