The top 6 teams have a nerve-wracking path to the CFP — minus Georgia

There are many reasons to be envious of fans with teams in contention for the College Football Playoff, but the most relevant to this weekend is the mental and physical energy expended to get to the end of the regular season tightrope will be enough to work off those Turkey Day calories. While the rest … Read more

TCU could be the first Texas-based program to make the College Football Playoff

Photo: Getty Images I hate to give Texas credit for anything because the state already takes credit for everything. However, of all the supposed football-obsessed hubs, the Lone Star State tops them all. Mostly because of how unhealthy the population’s dedication to the sport is — I’m sure there are Texans who got where Coach … Read more

College Football’s Week 7 was perfect

Big W for the VolsPhoto: Getty Images Coming into the weekend, we knew that at least three unbeaten programs were guaranteed to end Saturday with a smudge on their immaculate records as six perfect top 13 teams were set to face off against each other. Michigan and Penn State were up first, and the way … Read more

Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan

Image: Getty Images This year more than others in recent memory seems to have a lot of standout teams. It feels like the top 10 squads have avoided mistakes that they might normally fall prey to. We saw the Tide escape against Texas A&M, Georgia overcome a brain fart against Mizzou, USC barely get by … Read more