Twitch streamer HAchubby gets a headache from a goat in Maya’s Alveus Sanctuary

The popular Korean streamer HAchubby’s attempt to feed two goats at the Alveus Sanctuary ended in an unfortunate but funny way.

Alveus Sanctuary is a non-profit wildlife organization created by Twitch streamer Maya Higa. The goats, called Beetle and Oatmeal, were fed by the two streamers in their enclosure when Oatmeal decided to attack Hachubby and hit her with a headbutt.

The post above shows the two goats, Oatmeal and Beetle, respectively.

HAchubby gets a headache from a goat at the Alveus Sanctuary

During her visit to Alveus, Hachubby and Maya interacted with a couple of goats, which have previously been the source of fun content. Hachu then mentioned that she would feed the goats.

Maya and HACubby walked into the goat enclosure with a bowl of food in their hands. After setting his bowl down, Hachu began patting Beetle while Oatmeal stood behind her and sniffed at her legs. In a seemingly unprovoked attack, Oatmeal suddenly hit her head-on and threw Hachu against the wall. Surprised, she exclaimed:

“Oh God!”

Maya immediately hurried to redirect the buck, who appeared to be preparing for another attack. She held the goat down while Hachu left the enclosure. But in her hurry, Hachu did not notice that Beetle sneakily followed her out. When she did, she immediately tried to grab it, causing the buck to become hostile.

While Hachu continued to laugh nervously, Beetle stood up on his hind legs in an attempt to scare Hachu. The attempt was successful as Hachu slowly backed back.

Maya tried to reassure Hachu by reacting calmly to the chaotic debacle:

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Maya lured the escaped goat back into the enclosure using its food bowl as bait. After securing the containment of both goats, Maya shot out of the enclosure and locked it quickly.

Both streamers broke out in laughter over the incident. As they walked away, Maya apologized for her goat’s hostility.

“Sorry! “

The two then continued to feed the goat, but outside the enclosure.

Fans can not stop laughing at the goat’s actions

Maya’s Twitch chat certainly enjoyed the sudden and funny twist the power took. The video was immediately cut and posted on Reddit, where it continues to gain popularity.

Viewers in Maya's Twitch chat amused at the events (Image via Twitch / Maya)
Viewers in Maya’s Twitch chat amused at the events (Photo via Twitch / Maya)

The two goats have been part of the sanctuary for some time now. They starred in a special “Goat Cam” stream organized by Alveus Sanctuary, which had a similar, funny incident that took place during their feeding time.

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