Twitch streamers sofa burns during streaming, heroically saves the situation using fire extinguisher

An interesting incident happened with a Twitch streamer that he probably did not expect during his livestream of Star Trek Online. Eddybaker420 was forced to jump in when his sofa caught fire right behind him.

It is unclear exactly how his couch broke out in a smoky flame, leaving viewers and those caught in the reactions. Eddy was sitting right on top of the fire when it happened when he looked down and noticed the smoke, which made him jump up to grab something to put it out.

@ eddybaker420 It looked super dangerous, even though it spread pretty fast, how did it happen at all?

Twitch streamer jumps to put out fire in his own home in the middle of the stream

It took Eddy a while to find his fire extinguisher, but when he returned, he managed to turn off his couch and prevent further damage from spreading throughout his home. However, the fire took almost half of the furniture in its frenzy, destroyed the sofa and sent a haze into Eddy’s stream.

Before this Twitch streamer extinguished the fire with the fire extinguisher, it tried to throw water at it in waves, but as viewers pointed out, that tactic did not do much.

Nevertheless, everyone from the gaming community who tuned in to witness the almost catastrophic fire was shocked to see such a meeting unfold.

Most were worried about Eddy’s house and were grateful that everything was okay in the end. Others questioned his attempt to put out the fire while sitting and watching.

A whirlwind of smoke and exhaust gas from the fire extinguisher covered his camera in the last moments as the streamer struggled to contain the disaster. From the look of the clip and Eddy’s tweet after the fire, it looks like he’s okay and has recovered.

Though he may have lost a couch, his streaming days are not over and Eddy is soon back in action. The disabling incident was quickly dealt with and prevented from becoming a direct disaster. Fortunately, the streamer quickly noticed the smoke rising behind him and jumped to cope with the situation.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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