“We are a little harsh on guys we expect a lot from”

NBA and Los Angeles Lakers superstar Russell Westbrook has been on the receiving end of immense criticism this season for his and his team’s performances.

On ESPN’s morning radio show Keyshawn, JWill and Max, former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson spoke about how Russell Westbrook deserves to come back and have another go with the Lakers next season. Keyshawn said:

“I want to run it back. I want to give him an opportunity. I’m not ready to move on from him just because it did not work out this year due to injuries and everything else. We got to be fair in this situation and sometimes we are a little too harsh on guys we expect a lot from. “

As things stand, there is no direction in which the Lakers will be looking at for next season as head coach Frank Vogel has been fired and the franchise is actively looking at his replacement. However, Westbrook does have a player option for next season, something he will activate in all likelihood which will bank him over $ 47 million.

Why has it gone so wrong for Russell Westbrook with the Lakers?

Westbrook in action against the Dallas Mavericks
Westbrook in action against the Dallas Mavericks

Russell Westbrook’s return to his native Los Angeles to play for the LA Lakers alongside LeBron James this season was viewed as a homecoming that would bring the championship to the franchise this season. However, things have not panned out that way with the team being eliminated without making the Play-In tournament. So much for a team coming into this season with championship aspirations.

Westbrook is currently averaging 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game this season. He has shot over 44% from the field and at a paltry rate of 29.8% from beyond the arc. The 33-year-old is also averaging nearly four turnovers a night and the sheer pace at which he plays has been hard to keep up with for the oldest roster in the league.

Westbrook’s defense has also been shockingly poor this season. His team is ranked 21st in the league in defense. All of these factors, coupled with his exhorbant salary of over $ 44 million, made him an almost immovable prospect before the trade deadline day.

Russell Westbrook led the lakers in almost every stat this season2nd in PTS (1441 points) 1st in AST (550) 1st in REB (580) 1st in STL (75) 1st in DEF REB (470) 2nd in OFF REB (110) 1st in FTs Made (266) 1st in DD (28) 1st in TD (10) And he was brought to be the 3rd option https://t.co/P6DOZRo0ix

The former OKC Thunder superstar has a history of not getting along with other superstars on the court either. The only way forward for him and the LA-based franchise seems to be a move away from the team. He needs to go to a place where he can run the show and be the man.

With his mammoth contract acting as a roadblock for the Lakers, Russell Westbrook needs to accept the proposition of coming off the bench and running the second unit.