“You wanna disrespect me and tell the media I’m getting fired, naah, I ain’t getting fired, I quit”

The LA Lakers made their first move of the offseason on Monday by firing coach Frank Vogel. After entering the season with aspirations of challenging for a championship, the Lakers found themselves as the league’s biggest disappointment.

The situation took a strange turn near the conclusion of the Lakers’ final regular-season game on Sunday. Numerous NBA insiders reported that Vogel was going to be fired. What made it so confusing was that Vogel said he hadn’t heard that from the team.

On “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” former NBA legend and current analyst Shaquille O’Neal gave his thoughts on the situation:

“If I was Frank, as soon as they ask me, ‘Naah, they did not tell me anything, but they gonna have to tell me, because I quit.’ … I would’ve quit. I would have been like, ‘I quit, and all the other coaches thinking about coming to take this job, do not waste your time.’ That’s what I would’ve done.

“‘You wanna disrespect me and tell the media I’m getting fired? Naah, I ain’t getting fired, I quit.'”

The Lakers have fired coach Frank Vogel, sources tell @ramonashelburne and me.

LA Lakers looking for new coach after dismissal of Frank Vogel

LA Lakers will look for a new coach after firing Frank Vogel
LA Lakers will look for a new coach after firing Frank Vogel

It was a strange end to a nightmare year for the LA Lakers (33-49). After the conclusion of their final game, it appeared as if the announcement of the firing was leaked before Vogel was officially informed.

Shaquille O’Neal voiced his displeasure with how the Lakers handled the situation on his podcast. He said he would have quit before even being given the opportunity to get fired, if he were in Vogel’s shoes.

The Lakers have been the center of attention throughout the season, and O’Neal has never been afraid to share his opinion. Although the situation apparently was not handled well, the Lakers are now looking for a new coach.

Lakers SG Malik Monk on Frank Vogel: “I love the man. He gave me a chance. This was the only team that called me in the offseason and gave me a chance. I have nothing bad to say about him. All praise goes to him. If it was not for him, I would not have a chance to play basketball. ” https://t.co/CqQiz5a27r

The future of one of the NBA’s most storied franchises will draw plenty of interest and speculation. The first order of business is finding a new coach. There’s already been plenty of speculation about who the Lakers could target, and it seems as if it’s going to be a busy offseason in Los Angeles.

Aside from its 2020 bubble championship and a first-round playoff exit, the Lakers have finished with a losing record in seven of the past nine years. Before 2013-14, the franchise had experienced only five losing seasons.

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